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വിജി പിണറായി

Viji Pinarayi

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Two Faces

Success and Failures...
Two faces of a coin, they're...!
When people - most of them - see the first,
They're quick to receive it gladly.
But when they see the latter,
The same people try to keep off...!

(I don't like such people who
Turn their faces from their troubles.)

But there are some others
Who try to take them equally,
And they're whom I like the most
In this world of beauty...
For, believe do I, that
Beauty can be found
In the scenes of sadness too...
Like a flash of lightning
Brightening the clouded sky...!

Wish I do, to have for company
Those who face their troubles bravely.
Life is sweet, I believe,
Though troubles thereof may be sour...
Depressed, be not, friends,
Even by those bitter failures...
Better try to face them calmly.

Wish I do, to put a good face on
while facing troubles in life...
I don't want to withdraw myself
And elope from the problems facing me...

May they be dreadful,
May they be simple,
May they be of any kind,
I know it's for ME
To face them with courage.
Promise I do, that I will treat
Those faces, both, equally.

* Written on: 27 November 1992

~ വിജി പിണറായി ~
~ Viji Pinarayi ~

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