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വിജി പിണറായി

Viji Pinarayi

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Ode To A Sweetheart

(Originally written as a part of an imaginary love story)

LOVE, that oft - spoken word,
I mean, romantic passion,
Was there nowhere,
Even in the wildest of my dreams -
Believe it or not -
Till I met you, Dear...!

On that day, so eventful,
The moment you came
To me, red - hot,
'Boiling' high,
Burning with anger,
Towards me, for nothing,
Yes, for nothing was
Your outburst at me...
And options none I had,
Nothing but to hold
your rising hand in mine,
Just to avoid a 'scene' -
A scene, much unwelcome,
In front of my so - called 'friends',
For, they, I know, are
The real 'dark hands'
That worked behind that trap,
So well set, to fell me prey,
To you, a lioness when hurt.
But never was I in a mood
Ti give in and dance to their tune.

Of course, exchange we did,
Words a few, not so sweet,
And only words, I remember,
But actions, none.

You might have wondered
Why I opted not to retaliate
Despite being an 'egoist'...
Behind my action - rather, lack thereof - lie,
Stories, many, untold, they say.
But answer I shall give
To that unasked question, "Why?"
That 'twas my respect for you
That told me 'no' to
What I might (or should?) have done,
And that lamp of respect isn't yet dead...!

One thing could I do pretty well
Was to read your feelings right -
And, of colurse, agree I do, that
Same could have been mine too,
For such was that situation then.
so went my decision (in your favour)
Not to pay it back, cumulated...!

Once that scene was past,
In a position, landed my mind,
Where I had been never bvefore -
At the coast of Love...!
My ego, my determination and will - power,
I know not, where all had gone
In just a single moment...
And had I to wait, not for long,
To read it right, what caught me tight...
Yes, nothing else it was,
But LOVE, unqualified, for you...!

And let me declare it now -
That just your sight alone can
Leave my heart leaping for joy...
and therein reserved, is a place,
So special, so unique, just for you,
And you alone and no one else.
Before we part, for a time so long,
Announce shall I, to the whole world
The simple, but not so silly, FACT,
That I love you, and YOU alone, my dear...!

* Written on: 24 March 1999

~ വിജി പിണറായി ~
~ Viji Pinarayi ~

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