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വിജി പിണറായി

Viji Pinarayi

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Lines From The Heart

(A poem prompted by a bitter experience during my college life.)

Sister, let me use
That word - the much 'dangerous' one,
Once, and only once, again,
To address you, before
Part we do, for ever,
Saying 'bye' to the life here.

Hope do I, that
Feel you won't, offended.
My words to you, the crus of which
Lay, on the page, the first,
Of my own autograph,
Quote, shall I, here,
Those lines, small, four:
"Yesterdays are gone,
Today's here,
Let bygones be bygones,
Come, let's behold
Our tomorrows, bright..."

Feelings, two, have I, for you,
'Love' and 'Respect', they're 'called':
Love, not for a sweetheart,
But to a sister, awaited much,
And respect, for a girl,
Adding to which is the fact
That elder you are,
To me, by days a few...!

One thing I shall declare -
Fact is fact, that
Deserve you do, words a few,
Of love, and respect too...!

Throw you don't, please
These words, to the dust - bin...!
Hope, do I, that a heart you have
That can forgive and forget...!
Hope do I, that see you can,
Feelings, mine, heart - felt,
And do let me know, please,
If succeed, you do, in seeing my heart...!

 Written on: 29 June 1999

~ വിജി പിണറായി ~
~ Viji Pinarayi ~

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